Poc Fu, Moc Fu, and Chip Fu are the names of the trio from Brooklyn, New York, who debuted last year under the mysterious name Fu-Schnickens with the single ‘Ring the alarm.’ A Ragga/HipHop song in a completely unique and humorous style that sparked curiosity about an album that has finally been released. Heavyweights like A TRIBE CALLED QUEST, including guest poet Phife Dog in the song ‘La Schmoove,’ and Dres from the group Black Sheep, who appears in his own song ‘Check it out,’ contributed to part of the production.

The group itself produced four out of the ten songs. The style showcased on this album can best be described as ‘hardcore beats, tightly mixed with Reggae, Funk, and Soul,’ closely related to Jamaican Dancehall Reggae, Bubbling, or Raggamuffin. This is largely due to the rap style employed by the group, which involves rapping forward and backward at a speed that sometimes reaches about 400 syllables per minute.

The lyrics (also provided printed for those not fluent in this ‘strange’ language) stand out for their clarity, thanks to the apparent ease of understanding the Brooklyn accent compared to the Jamaican English (Patois) as used by artists like Shabba Ranks and Cutty Ranks. Occasionally interspersed with well-flowing US East Coast flows in the style of LEADERS OF THE NEW SCHOOL (the last word of a sentence or the chorus is chanted in unison), the Schnickens tell stories of Oriental influences such as wonton soup and kung fu, cartoon heroes, and the importance of ‘unity’ in American ghettos.

In the tradition of Hip Hop, the lyrics strongly oppose all sorts of bullshit rappers, and the word choice underlying them is surprisingly creative and entirely unique to this trio. Finally, in the previous edition of this publication, it was mentioned that so-called “literary” individuals have already incorporated drums during the Night of Poetry and I had the opportunity to watch this poetry festival on TV on Sunday, March 22, in which proper poems by well known poets were smoothly mixed with “emotionally stirring sound effects”?! ‘Ring the alarm, another sound is dying, whoa, aye!’

The “real deal poetry in motion” from the “True Fushnicks” is now available in CD format for only f 39.90 at your authorized poetry import store; ‘Nalp retsam eht htiw s’cm eht era eseht esuaceb!’.


Published in Dutch in Holland Nieuws 1992

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