WC and the MAAD circle – Ain’t a damn thang chang­ed – 1991

Where the East Coast is known for its ever-evolving styles of HipHop, often incorporating Jazz and Soul or nothing but a drum machine (never generalize), the West Coast is primarily known for its heavy funk samples from earlier times (never generalize part 2). “Ain’t a damn thang changed” by WC and the MAAD Circle belongs to the latter category, with the added mention that when it comes to heavy-hitting tracks, this work is definitely ranked in the top three.

Thanks to the production work of Ice Cube’s DJ Sir Jinx, occasional live instruments, chilling flows, and skillfully looped samples from artists like George Clinton, Bootsy’s Rubber Band and One Way, this album is unquestionably one of the “undergroundest” of the past year: Boomin’ Systems (where are they now?) Beware!

The quartet hails from South Central Los Angeles, which serves as the main source of inspiration for their (highly realistic) lyrics. The themes range from personal issues and pleasures to politically charged statements, but they all maintain a certain level of soberness that is characteristic of this group.

Street knowledge, according to WC (former member of Low Profile): Irresponsible fathers should keep their dicks in their pants. Prison is not the answer to the economic problems of the lower class. Crime may only be an unavoidable last resort for survival. Behind the closed doors of the so-called American democracy, resides an intolerant, unjust police state. Beware of false prophets, fake gangsters, and one-hit-wonder rappers. Don’t seek social recognition by following trends. And if you’re really feeling down, put on an underground funk tape.

Interlaced with masterful, sometimes cold-blooded, audio theater pieces between the tracks, this LP is a HipHop treat from start to finish, in other words, Funk by any means necessary!





Published in Dutch in Holland Nieuws 1991


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