Proposal for the creation of a monthly periodical about music genres: Funk/HipHop, Soul/R&B, Dancehall/Jungle, and the closely related contemporary youth culture. Other art forms and/or professions/hobbies deriving from the aforementioned can also be featured. The underlying theme, in other words, is the so-called multicultural youth.

The primary target audience is the urban youth with an affinity for ‘black-music culture’ (from local to international). Secondly, the magazine aims to reach those interested in art and culture in general, particularly from an Afrocentric perspective.

The name of the magazine: PHAT PHLAVOURS! Subtitle: From da lowlands and beyond.

The intended objectives are twofold: first, to acknowledge the existing youth culture that, despite its significant growth, remains somewhat marginalized as a subculture (even though it heavily influences what is considered ‘mainstream’). Secondly, to provide the youthful readers with a well-founded social perspective based on their primary interests. In other words, it aims to be an eye-opening surprise regarding social reality, their future, and, consequently, the future itself. Challenging and dismantling all conceivable stereotypes that work against them is the starting point.

The purpose of such a periodical is nothing less than – and this is not pretentious, hypocritical, or idealistic, but realistic – countering cultural divisions that are becoming increasingly apparent in the urban areas of the Netherlands. Additionally, it seeks to instill pride and self-respect in the target audience in a friendly yet assertive manner. It’s all about raising awareness and promoting love! [Political articles will also be included].

The types of articles will include:

1. Interviews: with artists or representatives within the described culture – music, visual arts, literature, sports, politics, commerce, etc. These are “people moving on up” who can also be considered part of the target audience, serve as role models, and thus share a connection with the magazine’s vision. [Features, special themed issues]

2. Background articles: about current events related to the main theme. This could include articles about the origins of music genres, portraits of groups advocating for specific human rights, post-colonial business, etc.

3. Reviews: of concerts, CDs, books, films, exhibitions, speeches, etc.

4. Prose, poetry: If of high quality and relevant to the main theme – even if expressed in abstract ways – contributors will have the opportunity to see their own work published.

5. Activity agenda: all events within the genres or vision of the magazine, neatly organized by the editorial team.
The language used will be tailored entirely to the target audience, with the understanding that excessive trendy language and/or stereotypical expressions would undermine the magazine’s purpose.

Format: An A2-sized sheet folded into eighths, printed in (depending on price and sponsors/advertisers) four colors on the front and black and white on the back (see example). Ideally, the magazine should be a hundred pages long, printed on glossy paper; however, we understand that this might be ambitious at first.

The organization/editorial team will consist of:

• Martin : Commercial leader, financial manager.
• Karl : Art director, illustrator, afro(car)toonist.
• Iwan : Political editor, writer in all forms.
• Maarten : Editor-in-chief, writer in all forms.
• Mark : Managing editor, writer in all forms, PR.

From time to time, we may seek assistance from others, but the core team remains as described above.

The technical aspects have been addressed. Karl will handle the illustrations and films through his advertising agency, while I will arrange for a low-budget (yet high-quality) printer.

Distribution will take place through related retail stores, community centers, youth centers, party venues, concert halls, etc., where our promotional team will sell the magazine for four guilders. This price should cover the production costs at the very least, and any surplus will be used for promotional materials such as flyers.

First print run: 1000 copies.

Regarding costs, it is challenging to estimate, but an investment of 5000 guilders seems reasonable for the initial issue, we believe.

Advertisements can be placed and purchased throughout the magazine, and this could potentially generate additional income. We might also consider securing fixed sponsors for specific sections.

Our distinction from other media in the Netherlands is twofold.

Regarding ‘fancines,’ we should mention our current competition: Magic Sounds (included). Our uniqueness lies in offering a more in-depth cultural foundation and seeking connections with visual arts, literature, social grievances, and politics without exclusively focusing on more mainstream aspects of culture (though they will also be featured).

We aim to create a true Dutch variant, embracing both foreign and domestic elements (often reminiscent of foreign influences). We have our own voice, music style, our own position, which is equally appreciated abroad, as we have appreciated foreign influences for years. History is crucial in this regard – there is no future without the past – but we avoid promoting yesterday at the expense of today and tomorrow.

Regarding magazines, there are two competitors: Basic Grooves and Ten Dance. However, these are primarily music magazines, both with a significant focus on house and acid jazz bop. We should keep an eye on indirect competition in the areas we also cover, but we believe there’s no need to fear overlap; we see coexistence as an advantage, as we wish to tap into a different (deeper) reservoir.

To illustrate our approach, I would like to include some [previously published] written work to explain the intended tone better. Additionally, you’ll find a folding example and a copy of the most competitive fancine in this early period.

With great respect for the time you’ve invested in reading this, on behalf of the editorial team, we remain humble and sincerely,

Phat Phlavours!

(Q: So what happened? A: Sure)

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