Mokum is the name. Mokum Smokum. A peculiar but unequivocal name, if I do say so myself. You knew exactly who was being referred to, after all. By the way, I wasn’t always named this; over time, I’ve been named according to my origin and my activities, or rather, what I excelled at since earlier times, and moreover: how well I do specific diverse things – when I do them.

I mention my name to you because I don’t want to hide behind a pseudonym; the time for that is not ripe now. And I mention my name because I speak from myself. And I mention my name because it’s time – gradually; though you couldn’t (yet) know that.

”Now, first you made a jam that’s hot. Then you made another and that shit has flopped. Then you made another and your ass got dropped. You deserve exactly what your ass has got. Muthafucka.

Trying to run after the whites. You used to wear Timb’s, now your ass is in tights. And every time I see you, all you wanna do is fight. Don’t get mad because my shit is right. Aight?

I’m a muthafuckin’ man like you. You wanna be fake while I gotta be true. You wanna be the next when you should have been you. Now tell me what the fuck am I supposed to do. BIATCH!”

And so the always impressive Tim Dog continues for a while. In this case, collaborating with Kool Keith under the name Ultra (an abbreviation from earlier times and more), and with musical accompaniment from ‘The Funky Redneck’ > Kut Masta Kurt.

Tim Dog is a full-fledged member of the perpetually inspiring old school Hip-hop group Ultra Magnetic MC’s, the group that didn’t just make Hip-hop, but created it – with the classic album “Critical Beatdown.” The supergroup led by Kool Keith, with Moe Luv on the 1s and 2s, and Ced Gee handling the productions. Just as he partly did on the fantastic Boogie Down Productions album “Criminal Minded,” led by KRS-One and the late Scott La Rock – who still participates from the afterlife – Respect.

You might claim this is meaningless information. I will counter that you’re not quite right in the head.

Furthermore, narrating and scoffing, I point out your unrelenting lack of interest in the deeper meanings of things. Whether it’s smoking, music, or ICT management – there’s a clear pattern observable in you. We call it Rock & Roll. Pronounced as: R&B.

You see, it’s taking us around 50 years to grow out of collective adolescence, and there’s no real success. Foolish youthful excesses brought into and perpetuated by generations long before me; “disheartening” is the word. “Cyclops” is also the word. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king. The monarchy threatens to become republican; a necessity immediately. Whether that’s a good idea, I won’t just leave up to the boss, by the way.

The Ultra Magnetic MC’s have been recounting it for decades. Nevertheless, many listeners aren’t inclined to respect this, and as quickly as their small brains can bear their grand ideas, they screw up the entire world and thus the carefully built steps that could serve the evolution of being human and all that entails, in the blink of an eye.

The protagonist has much to tell and must start at the beginning, because the end isn’t in sight. With appropriate pride, we therefore leave the smooth path and immediately turn to the plot of the dramatic industrial twist.

Rest In Beats: Scott La Rock

Rest In Rhymes: Tim Dog

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